Mailonois from The Best Heath


Ellen Pups.jpg

Ellen has come in touch with the pedigree “Malinois” through her husband Henk. in her spare time, taking a walk in nature is one of her favourite hobbies and she’s always accompanied by one or two dogs for her stroll along the woods. Every morning she walks all the dogs and she feeds them before she goes off to work. When a litter of Malinois is born, a lot of her time and attention goes to mother and pups. The are surrounded by love and warmth.



Henk has been active as a KNPV-trainer since 1973 and he has trained several races like the German Shepherd’s Dog, the Bouvier, Dutch Shepherds and Malinois, in which the latter dominated.

And achieved 6 certificates police - I with praise.
Then he proceeded training conform the IPO and tracking standard until now.
Since 2000 breeding Henk and Ellen Malinois with pedigree.
The result is a beautiful breed, social and characterful working dogs.