Mailonois from The Best Heath

Interior kennels  


The front space of the kennels and the three nursery cages are supplied with the most modern comfort. A kitchen sink with hot and cold water tap. The walls are tiled from top to bottom, this for a perfect hygiene and easy maintenance. The floors exist of double-brick tiles. The front space as well as the nursery cages are provided with floor-heating which are separately adjustable

Exterior kennels  

buitenkennels1.JPG buitenkennels2.JPG buitenkennels3.JPG

The three exterior cages which border the nursery cages are roofed over and are quite large. From the exterior kennels the pups can go to the playground. It’s generally known that if the pups have a lot of space they will quickly be (toilet/house)-trained. These kennels are on the southern-side of the house