Mailonois from The Best Heath

Amy Ashjolee 

amy ashjolee voor.jpg amy ashjolee.jpg

The Ashjolee bloedlijn has come forward with a lot of good dogs such as:

Arno van Gelders Spijker
Aristo-felix van Gelders spijker

Amigo Ashjolee 

amigovoor.jpg henk-bekers.jpg

I seldom saw a dog with so much drive and who would fetch and carry with so much pleasure....
Amigo got first prize in club championship at the age of 2 and a half years (416 points, exclusive water tasks). One year later he had 397 points at the selections in Heeswijk-Dinther.

Ruud from the Best Heath

ruud.jpg nvbh cerificaat Ruud.jpg sporthonden.jpg 4_keuring_ruud.jpg

"Ruud" is a self-breed Malinois from the combination Amy and Utamaron des deux Pottois.
Ruud got an outstanding certificate cum laude (429.5 points) at May 25th 2003.